Online Business Is Still Growing

Online business is still in its infancy, especially when compared to centuries of “real world” trading, bartering and selling which has taken place. While ?real world? solutions will not fit every online business concern, both types of businesses become successful only when their top priority is customer service and client satisfaction.

Online business is still growing a lot, and retailers have definitely taken interest in the online competition. Manufacturers have the ability to limit prices which stands to benefit strong brands a lot.

Starting your own online business is not hard. But it does require that you have and follow an action plan. Starting an online business is not always as easy as it may sound. But, running an online business has many benefits over its offline counterpart.

Starting an online is not nearly as hard as some people will tell you that it is, nor is it as easy as you will hear from many sources. In fact, I’m sure you are probably bombarded daily with the same do nothing make thousands of dollars a month offers that I get. Starting your very own online business takes very little start up costs. Unlike starting a business in the Real World, there is no rent to pay or equipment to buy when starting an online business.

Success online comes not in replacing the old with the new, but blending them together. Successful marketers would probably also make very good (or very evil) psychologists :).

Informational chats are good as well, such as one that explains what a certain non-familiar product is. Information about registrants will be used in the aggregate. However, if we buy a business, we will honor the requests that customers made of that business regarding e-mail communications.

Websites are supposed to be dynamic. This means they need to be updated. Website design no longer costs thousands of dollars. In fact, you can do it for less than $ 50 if you are willing to do the work yourself.

Internet users consider internet advertising to be the most relevant ad format. The internet evolved as a medium for marketing and advertising since 1994. Internet Marketers who do not understand these concepts will soon succumb to failure.

When I first started marketing I simply joined programs and started promoting. Internet success means having a great site, and having a great site means making the Internet work for you.

Starting your own online business takes very little start up costs. Unlike starting a business in the Real World, there is no rent to pay or equipment to buy when starting an internet business .

Starting your own business part time or full time is within the reach of every one. Gender, Age and Ethnic background do not matter – ambition, motivation and staying power matter . Starting an online business is no longer a novelty. It’s a fact of life for individuals and established companies alike.

Blogs offer a vehicle for you to give your business some “personality.”.As author Cochran notes, “Everybody likes to do business with a friend,” so make your blog as personable as you can without seeming hokey. However, be thoughtful about what topics you cover; some hot-button issues, such as discussing an Internet tax or Internet neutrality are probably topics for this type of forum and reflect that you are a knowledgeable business person.

Blogger Unleashed posts useful content that even the biggest internet newbie can follow, and unlike other blogs out there, Vic is dedicated to helping his readers succeed – a couple questions I’ve asked through comments have been replied to; a few of his readers talk about how he has helped through Skype and personally guided them towards making their own website – would any A-Lister do that?

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How To Parlay Any Online Business Into A Million Dollars

Do you think it’s impossible to do so because you’re establishing or maintaining only a small business? Of course not! In fact, many of those well-known and flourishing online businesses started small.

Would you believe that Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of, laid the foundation of his now multibillion dollar business in his very own garage? Starting out with improvised gadgets and furniture and with just himself and his wife as the first employees of his company, is now one of the leading companies in the industry of online retailing. Bezos was even recognized as the “cybercommerce king.”

Your online business can follow the footsteps of and you can be like another Bezos. Whatever field you wish to venture into, you can always turn it into a money-spinner. You just need to be familiar with and follow certain steps and then you will learn how to parlay any online business into a million dollars – even more!

It is said that the one essential key to Bezos’ astounding success is the fact that he dared. He had a courageous heart and he was determined to succeed. Would you also dare to achieve success in your online business? Don’t be afraid and just follow these steps!

Don’t be afraid to start small.

As mentioned earlier, a modest investment will not necessarily yield modest earnings. In fact, you should learn to spend your monetary capital wisely and maximize other resources as you start up your online business. Make sure, however, that you do not scrimp on necessary materials. For instance, your computer may not be of the latest model, but be sure that it can perform well and deliver the results that you want.

Don’t be afraid of rough times.

In any business, you will surely face various obstacles and problems that will certainly test your perseverance. Don’t let these hardships dampen your spirit. Motivate yourself even more. Also, don’t be afraid of criticisms. Did you know that in the beginning, only Bezos believed that his business goals could be attained in a span of only one year? But he did so and so did he surprise everyone!

Don’t be afraid of changes.

As change is the only constant thing in this world, you will definitely face changes in the course of maintaining your business. Don’t be afraid of these changes and instead, learn how to benefit from them. Keep up with the changing times and adjust the way you do business according to society’s trends.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to widen your horizons and expand your business. Always look for more innovative techniques to make your business prosper even more.

Don’t be afraid of consistency.

Welcome helpful changes but be consistent with certain things. For instance, if you started with an every-other-day updating of your web content, make sure you do follow your updating schedule religiously.

Don’t be afraid of technology.

As your business is an online venture, you should be the very first one to welcome technology. Be updated with the latest technologies. Then evaluate them and decide which ones will help you make your business grow faster and easier.

Don’t be afraid of multi-tasking.

Since you are your own boss and you call the shots in your online business, you should be ready to handle several responsibilities at the same time. Although you are not expected to be a jack-of-all-trades (and it is not advisable for you to be one), you should have at least some knowledge and skills about every aspect of your business. Remember that the success or failure of your business is practically in your own hands.

Now, here are some of the things that any online business should have for it to succeed and rake in more earnings:

Products and Services

Obviously, your business will not have any purpose if it does not have any product to sell or any service to offer. Make sure you choose products/services that are of the highest quality and are easy to promote.


Since yours is an online business, your website – next to your products/services – will be the most crucial aspect of your venture. Your website is also the most evident representative of your business. Thus, make sure that you develop and maintain a professional-looking, user-friendly, engaging website.

Here are some website must-haves that can attract more visitors and make them stay:

A statement clearly indicating the purpose of the website

Interesting web content and other articles, in the form of newsletter, e-zine, etc.

Easy to use, prominent features for searching and purchasing items

Attractive but relevant photos and graphics

Entertaining features such as audio clips and video clips

Interactive elements such as feedback forms, surveys, quizzes

Affiliate Program

The very system that made the giant that it is today, an affiliate program enables you to have innumerable marketing arms and promote your online business easier, faster, more extensively, and more effectively.

Offline Marketing

Having an online business does not necessarily mean that you are limited to online marketing strategies. Effective offline marketing techniques for an online business may include displaying your website’s address (url) on flyers, posting your url on vehicles, and advertising your business on newspapers and magazines.

Special Offers

Everyone wants freebies and special offers, right? Your customers/clients will surely be happy to know that they can save money when they purchase your products or avail of your services. Offer these specials regularly and generously.

Now that you know the steps to parlay any online business into a million dollars, will you transform your online business into a money-maker? Only you can answer that! Remember: Success is right in your hands!

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Kill these 4 Internet Business Blockers Before they Kill You

Here are some blockers that are killing your internet business from day 1.

Make sure you check out these blockers and kill them before they kill your internet business.

Starting an internet business and making it profitable is easy, only if you allow yourself to stay away from such blockers that always make sure to take you away from success.

Don’t let this happen.

Check out some blockers that I have noticed in internet newbies and learn how you can get rid of them starting today…

Blocker 1 – Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Don’t fall a victim of get rich quickies that are floating all around the internet giving innocent newbies a false dream to make millions overnight.

However it is surely possible to make millions having a successful internet business, but it is surely not possible to do this overnight.

Your odds of winning a lottery is far more than making millions of dollars overnight from your new internet business.

Therefore make sure that you stay away from these internet business scam artists. Rather make a plan wherein you can reach this goal of million dollars within few months or years from a killer business strategy. It is surely possible, if you take a right approach and take serious action in moving towards your goal.

Blocker 2 – Lack of Persistency.

The main reason of failure of a newbie is that they give up very easily.

They are not patient and they lack passion and determination that is required to make things happen in this world of internet.

If at all you want to succeed, make a killer determination of sticking to your internet business no matter what happens. Never every quit. You fail only when you quit.

However there are many problems that arise while operating an internet business, but every problem is a stepping stone towards success. You are coming one step closer towards your goal with every problem you face.

So make sure you take your internet business problems with a positive attitude rather than allowing them in convincing you to quit your internet business.

Every successful internet millionaire have faced hundreds of problems before getting into the place where they are right now.

In short, keep moving and DONOT let anything stop you on your way to making your internet business dreams come true.

Blocker 3 – Know-How.

Another reason for failure is that newbies are not ready to take the right education to get started.

The difference between someone making $ 0 and $ 100,000 online is right information and know how. If you have the information that someone having a successful internet business has, you can too copy the same system and start your own successful internet business.

And it is absolutely easy to get such quality valuable information for just few hundred dollars in todays internet world in the form of videos, ebooks, etc. You just have to do some research and the information is on your way.

So make sure you pick up your role model, an expert in a niche, learn from him, copy his tactics and get started right now.

Blocker 4 – Fail to take Action.

The most important step is to take action. Having all the ebooks and information in the field of internet business will not make you rich.

Only when you apply this information, make some mistakes, and take serious action, will result into a highly profitable internet empire.

Don’t get frightened of taking action. No one is perfect, you need to try various tactics that you learn and create your own blueprint that works for your business model.

Once you have 10 tactics that is working perfectly fine for your internet business, all you need to do is apply it again and again to duplicate your internet income. This will lead to multiple streams of income.

Make sure you kill the above blockers instantly and see your internet business sky rocket through the roof.

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Internet And Online Business With No Education Discrimination

Online business opportunities do not rely on a college degree. Your success in business will not depend on letters following your name. You can succeed in online business even if you’ve never taken the A.C.T. test.

I’ve written in other articles about the fact that in online business you are not discriminated against because of your age or gender. Thankfully the same rule applies to your education.

Now, let me turn a corner. Even though you do not need a degree to own a business online you do need to have a hunger for knowledge. You will not be able to succeed if you are unwilling to learn what it takes to make your online business a winner.

This isn’t simply a matter of putting a homemade sign on a table in your front yard in the hope that everyone comes to buy from your lemonade stand. You will have to learn to take your message to the masses and invite them to place trust in your product.

Online marketing can be a difficult thing to master, which is why you need to prove yourself a diligent student of online business management.

Like the layers of an onion you will need to take each layer of your business as a separate and unique challenge. Concept by concept you will learn to develop your business site. However, too many individuals quit before they get to the heart of their business onion. They shed some tears along the way and end up saying, “It’s just not worth it.”

For those that endure and maintain diligence in learning they will find that their skills coupled with increased knowledge can combine to transform dreams into reality.

The best things in life are free. Things like the smile of a child, the beauty of a flower or the smell of freshly baked bread. However, when it comes to online business the best things may require some work. Opportunities are lost because business owners failed to try every door. Repeat sales do not happen because the business owner discounted the notion that follow-up and better than average customer service is important.

If you are a business owner evaluate your time today. See if you can make room for an hour or two each day to spend in research and application. Forge some time to develop new skills and then work to put that expertise into practice.

If you’re like most people you spend time ‘playing’ online everyday. This can be a great and even needed diversion, but it should never come at the expense of business development. Honestly evaluate how you manage your day and see what room can be made available to explore uncharted business waters.

It is true that the Internet does not discriminate against business owners who do not have a degree, but discriminating shoppers usually can tell when an online business doesn’t quite have it all together.

Try to learn something new about your business or online marketing every day. Refuse to be idle. Do something to cause your business to grow. It may not happen today, this week, month or year, but one good decision today will improve opportunities in the future.

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Business Center Noida For Small and Big Businesses

In the corporate world, business owners will always look out for cheaper alternative for office space and supplies. Having a large number of employees in a single office building can be confusing as well as costly. Instead of renting an entire building, you always have an alternative that you can use to minimize massive office space related expenses. This alternative is commonly termed as a business center. Noida, in the Delhi NCR region, is a booming area, and numerous developers are building business centers in Noida, each offering more facilities than the other. There are so many business owners who want to take advantage of being placed in a business center Noida. Having a business center is extremely helpful for a business owner, especially when there is need to maximize all the available resources, and make full use of each of them.

Business center Noida for small businesses

Small businesses can use a business center Noida to utilize a good office space, while integrating or adding other types of business. In this way, a business owner can manage more than one business under single roof. The major advantage of this is that instead of employing too many people for different jobs at the office, only a few number of people are required to do certain tasks. With right communication with the right department, right business can be designated to the specified people. A small business owner can also use it to allow customers to see other products or services they are offering. This can mean hitting two birds with a single stone. A business center Noida can be an ideal setup a business owner can use to increase sales, educate and inform customers, and at the same time save on costs.

Business center Noida for huge businesses

Big scale companies can greatly benefit from being placed in a business center. If a company is in its initial stages, it needs an office to place its employees, meet clients and customers, serve them, and deliver the expected products or services. If a business is on the lookout for an office space that can accommodate hundreds of employees under one roof, then they would most probably go to a business center Noida. In addition to that, most packages will also include amenities offered by business center developers, including the lobby area, lounge, training room, conference room etc. All these will become attractive points of interest for any big scale business owner.

Being placed in the North Star business center Noida will not only meet your business related expectations, but will offer you added services too. Almost any company would love going with this type of office space setup. The best thing is that the business center developer will be responsible for all office setup related tasks, such as furniture, phone lines tools etc. As a business owner, all you have to do is to lease your office space, shift into it, and distribute your new address among your customers and clients.

For more information please visit Business Centres Noida and Business Centres in Noida

What Are The Best Practices To Using My Ecommerce System?

Everybody is talking about ecommerce. It’s obvious that your business might be missing out by not taking the leap, but at the same time it can be hard to figure out. What is the best ecommerce software? How do you get started making money from ecommerce? And if you have an ecommerce system, you may have asked yourself: what are the best practices to using my ecommerce system?

Electronic commerce can involve any number of different goods and services, real or virtual. The only sure thing is that the internet will be involved. If you will be selling your goods or services on the internet, you need to consider how you will get paid. An ecommerce system, such as shopping cart software, may be the answer.

All kinds of people are making money on the internet. Because the ability to sell online opens up your business to the world, new types of businesses are possible. Handcrafted items and specialty regional goods can now be sold throughout the world, making them available in places where they would have been hard to find. Global business requires a solution for international shipping.

Shipping is not an issue for online businesses offering virtual goods and services. For these businesses, the product is delivered over the internet, reducing shipping costs and complications. Online delivery can still have its pitfalls, however. For example, it is important to process the customeras payment before you perform any work for them. For those offering online services, a canceled order after the work required has been completed can cost valuable time and revenue.

So what are the best practices to using my ecommerce system? I want to make sure it works, including choosing the most reliable and best ecommerce software. I want to make sure I am using it correctly, as technical problems is one of the safest ways to make a customer turn away and say \”never mind, I will get this product elsewhere\”.

After choosing an ecommerce solution, make sure you are comfortable with it before you begin using it on your website. It is important that you ensure your payment processing looks trustworthy and sound. Having a website and payment system that look professional will attract customers and let them know that you are worth doing business with.

Once your online business is open, it is important to continue using your ecommerce system correctly. Your customers should continue to receive reliable service without glitches. Delayed or troubled service will cause you to lose customers, just as it would for an offline business. Keeping your business running smoothly keeps your customers happy and will allow your sales to grow.

Now that you have an understanding of what ecommerce can do for you, you are ready to try moving your business online. Selecting a good ecommerce system, learning to use it, and using it to create a professional feeling website are a great start. But to really succeed online requires a continued dedication to good business practices and customer service, just as it does in the offline business world.

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Follow Proper Business Etiquette in South Korea

Are you planning for establishing new business? Searching for the appropriate place of the business? If yes then set up your business in South-Korea. It is the best place for you to start your own business. The place is full of business opportunities. In order to run the business profitably, all you need to do is learning. An understanding of a country’s business etiquette, culture and attitude is a helpful way of establishing good interpersonal relationships with ease. You need to learn the business etiquette of that place. You need to understand the guidelines related to their business style. Koreans are very particular about their business rituals. Following are the main aspects of business etiquette South Korea such as:

1. BUSINESS MEETINGS: Meetings are usually scheduled in advance. At the time of first interaction with any Korean person, it is best to be introduced by a third party. Avoid giving your personal details by your own. The first interaction is the best time for building the strong and long term relation. Shaking hands is too common among Koreans. It is advisable to exchange gifts in the first meeting. Also exchange the business cards, but be careful while presenting your business card. Use both hands while offering and receiving the business card. Avoid putting someone’s card in your pocket because that means you are show disrespect to that person.

2. TEAM MANAGEMENT: Koreans have strong relations with their subordinates and business partners. They believe in maintaining long term relations. They make friendly relation with their partners and also with the team leader. Their relations are based on mainly two factors such as respect and trust. Therefore while working with a Korean team it is necessary to gain their respect. Also respect can be gained through educational achievement, experience and by performing the correct business etiquette. They believe in maintaining the comfortable environment within the organization.

3. COMMUNICATION: The communication style in Business etiquette South Korea is very formal. Avoid saying ‘no’ as it is considered as poor etiquette. It is very important to maintain politeness and patience at all times. Communication is the basic key to develop the good relationships. It is necessary to maintain fine body posture during meetings. Avoid making slouching or overly expressive body gestures. They conduct business meetings in their native language only. They usually prefer to do business with people they have a strong relationship with. Never criticize your business partner in front of others, as this is considered very disrespectful.

4. BUSINESS ATTIRE: In South Korea, the attire for both women and men during professionalism is totally formal. The dress code for men is dark-colored business suits in black or navy blue, with white shirts and conservative ties. On the other hand, women are expected to wear business suits in the same color schemes. The dressing style of Koreans is similar to that of western business attire. They prefer non flashy clothing for both men and women. For women modest dresses and blouses are appropriate. Women should avoid heavy jewelry during office hours. For men khaki pants or polo shirts, is not recommended.

Go through with the above mentioned tips carefully to enjoy the long term profitable business in South Korea.

Start your business now with Business etiquette South Korea to ensure the prosperity of your business in South Korea markets. Working as effectively as possible and reach your goals with the greatest efficiency.

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Open A Successful Business With The Experts

Starting and establishing own business is an ultimate form of living a successful life. There is different satisfaction and joy in running own businesses. There is no need work extra hours under someone to make the monthly revenue presentation for others businesses. You can take independent decision to for business problems, and use your ideas and creativity to run it. There is pride and honor even running a miniature reputed business unit. Often people don’t get it while working under someone. However all these things sound good, but require lot of hard work and determination. There are certain points to remember while opening any business.

Collecting Idea: The great journeys of the world begin with the first few steps, providing the steps are taken in the right direction. Similarly, the first step of opening any business is the ‘realistic idea’ and it should not be concluded on the hypothetical observations. The idea should meet the demand of current and future market. The idea for starting a business should be novel and sounds interesting. Start collecting various business ideas as early as possible and analyze the success rate of your business idea. Following are the steps to analyze the probability of idea’s success.

Research: Conduct a thorough research of the market about the possibility of fitting your business into it. Ambitious business entrepreneur can contact the experienced counselor to share their idea about opening a business. Some of the sites are really helpful in giving suggestion and guidance to run a business. They can also conduct research on your behalf and figuring out the possibility of its success.It is better to get some practical hands on experience of the business and it can be gained while working in the similar business organization. The experience will might show you about the various problem can be faced and what are the different way to solve them. You will also learn to take perfect real time decisions and most of the entrepreneur need this quality to run a business. The research may give a hint about the amount or money would be taken to convert your idea into reality. The next step begins with its establishment, find out the strength and weakness of them market and draw conclusion accordingly.

Establishing: This is very important steps and there are many elements to consider while establishing your business. The first element is to find out the name for the business, it should be unique and not copied. The second step is to choose the place for it and followed by forming legal structure. It includes patenting and trade marking of the business. Once it is established, you can happily run it in your own ways.

All in all, opening a business is not an easy task and the road of establishing a business covered with many pitfalls. Nevertheless, some sites can offer a helping hand and turn your dream of owning a business into reality. You can contact them and they will step by step guide to open a successful business.

Need expert help or idea for starting a business then contact us. We guide you step by step and teach you how to start your own business.

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Different Types of Loan For Low Cost Business Start Ups

Are you planning to establish your own business enterprise? Looking for some low cost business ideas? If yes then consult business experts to make healthy decisions. Business establishment requires money for carrying out day to day expenses. The statement is absolutely true that you need money to make money. Finance is the basic need for starting any new activity. In an organization, it plays a very vital role. If we talk about finance, there are two main terms such as shares and debentures. Shares come under equity whereas debentures are covered under debt. Both are long term sources of raising finance. Also there are short term sources such as loans and many others.

Low cost business start ups include business loans. Getting an appropriate loan quote has gained vital importance. Searching for suitable business loan quote is very essential for any business person whether small or big as it reduces the overall cost of the business. It also helps in developing necessary resources for further requirements. Business loan quote helps in starting a new business, expanding the well settled business, paying off different expenses or even buying raw material. Business loans are mainly of two types such as secured and unsecured. Let us discuss them in detail:

Secured loans: Loans which are taken against any collateral security such as property and other things. This way the loan is well secured. There are many benefits of secured business loan quote such as high loan amount, low interest rate and other simple terms and conditions. Once you have decided to opt for secured business loan quote then you can easily avail the large amount of loan money. Collateral security plays deciding role in the matter of loan amount. Higher collateral equity enables business organizations in getting greater amount of loan. Under secured loan quote, interest rate remains low as compared to unsecured loan quote. The time period of repayment of secured business loan quote is between 5 to 30 years.

Unsecured loans: Loans which are not secured against any collateral property are termed as unsecured business loan quotes. Those business persons who do not want to risk their property can opt for unsecured business loan quote. The amount of loan is comparatively less than the amount of secured loans. Under this quote option borrowers need to give proof of their sound financial condition. For granting the loan they should show their income sources, financial statements, balance sheets, financial assets and many more. The rate of interest is also very high under unsecured loan quotes.

There are many alternatives available for you to acquire business loan quotes. It is advisable to apply from online mode. You can apply online for acquiring business loan quotes as it offers large number of benefits and loan packages at very low cost. Apply for the loan offer that suits your budget and financial needs. Go for low interest rate loan quotes. Before selecting the one compare other terms and conditions also. In case of bad credit, try to pay off the loan on time.

Need finance to start new business. You can apply for low cost business start ups loans. To learn more about it check our guide to starting a business. Our guides are beginner friendly and the best part is there is no experience required to get started

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10 More Business Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is now a vital component in the marketing strategy of most companies and growing every day. This means that knowing how to write compelling, professional business articles and instructional guides can be crucial to growing your business. But the word “professional” is key in this context. Your writing advertises your company, so be sure to make it the best it can be. Here are a few common “gotchas” you can avoid with only a little effort.

Don’t write in a style that will alienate readers. Consider the audience you want to appeal to with your writing. What do they already know, and what do they want to know? Don’t throw in vocabulary they may not understand. Nobody likes to read articles that sound like they’re written in a foreign language, so be careful not to throw in too many acronyms, jargon, and technical language if it is not required. Write at a level that is easy to read, using common everyday terms if possible. You should be able to explain your business to a potential customer who is not an expert in your field. If you confuse your readers, they are likely to go somewhere else and you will lose opportunities for your business.

Don’t wander off the topic and annoy readers by throwing in details in the wrong places. For example, if you’re writing about how to download an app to a cell phone, there’s no need to compare that app to its competitors. Save the sales pitch for another document, or a different section within your document. Write as concisely as possible, and keep your information clear and to the point. If you’re writing instructions, simply list the steps and associated information needed to accomplish the process, and be sure to test it all to make sure you didn’t leave anything out. Keep it clear and as simple to follow as possible up front, then provide details for those who need additional information.

Don’t rely on your word processor’s spelling and grammar checking abilities to catch all errors. Spell checkers cannot catch the wrong word (such as ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ and ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’), and if you don’t pay strict attention to each correction a spell check program suggests, you can accidentally insert the wrong term. Spelling and grammar errors can cost you clients who might suspect that you will be as sloppy in your business dealings and what you may produce for them as you are in your writing.

Don’t include a lot of stock graphics. Yes, they’re inexpensive, but they’re also everywhere. Many readers can easily spot stock business graphics, such as images of generic business people smiling, shaking hands, holding meetings, and so on. You want your most important business documents to specifically represent your company, so whenever possible, use custom images to ensure that your proposal or brochure looks unique and matches your existing company brand.

Never include text or graphics from another source without a license, written permission, or authorized attribution. If any part of your writing is posted online, plagiarized content could easily attract the attention of the content owner and result in DMCA takedowns, cease-and-desist orders, online comments about your business practices that will never go away, or even worse, legal action. Because social media is so popular now, anything posted publically has the potential to be quickly duplicated many times online, and online content may be searchable by competitors or original content owners. The text or graphics you ‘borrow’ may contain unique markers that make searching for appropriated content easy. Nothing is more embarrassing for your business image than being accused of plagiarism and copyright violations.

Don’t include images with elements that could cause your reader or client to question your attention to detail or your professional qualifications. For example, if you are in the automotive or safety industry and you use an image of a driver talking on a phone or not wearing a seatbelt while cruising down the road, this could injure your reputation. You don’t want your client’s first impression to be ‘this is a safety violation,’ when you only thought that the photo was a nice image for the page. If the photos you use show behavior that is contrary to your business practices or your clients’ practices or beliefs, you could lose potential sales and clients.

Don’t include stock images that contain another company’s logo, trademarks, or products. You don’t want to advertise for other companies.

Don’t send the document out before checking to be sure that everything is correct. There’s nothing more annoying to readers than clicking a link that doesn’t work or takes the reader to a location that seems illogical. If you’re referring to Model 947 and the device the reader is holding says 948, the reader will be confused. Make sure labels in graphics match the discussion in the text. It’s always a good idea to have someone who is unfamiliar with your company or product check everything you write to be sure it makes sense to the average reader.

Don’t forget to account for all the pieces before you send or print out your document. This sounds obvious, but how many times have you received an email message discussing an attachment that is not actually attached? It’s human nature to think “I’ll insert this figure later,” and then forget to do it. Make sure steps and figures and pages are numbered sequentially; it’s common to end up with skipped numbers when multiple users have created or edited documents. If you’re sending a printed document, make sure all pages are there, too, and if you have a table of contents or an index, check all the page numbers to make sure they are correct.

Don’t distribute documents saved in original word processing formats. When you send your documents to clients via email or links in an online site, use PDF format. This allows readers to easily print out or read your document online without display problems. Documents created with word processing programs may not display or print correctly if the recipient is not using the same program, and your graphics, fonts and formatting could wind up looking like a sloppy mess. Using PDF makes it easy for all readers to access your document on their terms (online and offline, digital and print) and see it the way you intended.

Using a pre-designed package of proposal, contract and business document templates will help keep you on track. Pre-written templates will help keep your writing organized, structured and on-track. Pre-written proposal kit packages are designed to help you create easy-to-follow proposals with lots of bullet points along with summaries and detailed topic pages. With a large content library of completed sample proposals and business documents you can see how to write structured and organized documents while avoiding many common writing mistakes.

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